DJV Careers is in the process of developing a Podcast ! It will be focused on careers of individuals, their job hunting progress, and how they have succeeded and failed in their working lives.  We could discuss a range of topics from resumes, cover letters, the interviewing process, how one got started in their careers; etc


If you are interested in being on our Podcast please contact us, we will speak with anyone that would like to be on it whether you are an Entrepreneur, Nurse, Cashier, Plumber, Unemployed or Laid Off; etc we will be more than happy to sit down and discuss your career with you.


DJV Careers is a Calgary, Alberta based business specializing in resume writing and career consulting and we know exactly what is needed in a resume and how to seek out gainful employment. We will help you to clean up your resume so it is to the point, targeted, and details the skills you need to showcase, in order to gain that interview.

If you are truly interested in having a fantastic resume and cover letter, so you can direct your own in the future, and increase your salary then contact us today!